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Mihaly’s Paradoxes

In Creativity and Innovation on December 6, 2010 at 1:53 pm

Do you know Mihaly Cziszentmihalyi? To be honest, I do not have any idea how to spell his last name . In short, Mihaly is the famous Hungarian psychologist. He is noted for his work in study of happiness and creativity. Mihaly formed 10 paradoxes of creative people, and with this piece of work  I will (try to) analyze more about his paradoxes.

He looks happy and funny, rite?

The 10 paradoxes of creative people

Creative people have a great deal of physical energy, but they’re also often quite and at rest

Well I could not agree more! Those people must be active in their environment. They love to see more opportunities and wont it let go. They love to socialize and doing different things in each days. Their physical energy comes from the spectacular idea. But, behind those energetic activities, creative people also need a rest. when they are quite and at rest, it does not mean that their work stops at that moment. In their tranquility they still thinking, they are wondering how to make their idea comes true.

Creative people tend to be smart yet naive at the same time

Creative people use their brain uniquely, they works are out of the box. Not all of people familiar and understand their work. Here is the naive needed, creative people have to smart in managing their ambition because not all of their ideas/works could be implemented in the real world. They have to synchronize their imagination with the real situation.

Creative people combine playfulness with disciplines, or responsibility and irresponsibility

Playfulness is an absolute things but for the ‘disciplines’ I think it is not literally, because creative people tend to be free. Sometimes they do not care with the disciplines, they prefer to break the rules in order to find some inspirations. Disciplines here, maybe, means the common things. Combine playfulness with the disciplines means that creative people always have their way to combine the common things with the new ideas.

Creative people alternate between imagination and fantasy, and a rooted sense of reality

Every ideas/works which come from creative people are based on their imagination and fantasy. they really good in dreaming. But dreaming is not enough. To be the real creative people they have to transform their imagination, fantasy, or dream become something real which is applicable for human being.

Creative people tend to be both extrovert and introvert

It is all about balance. Creative people love to socialize, doing a party with group might stimulate their ideas and the crowd would be inspirational. But people also need the-me-time, time when they do not have think about other people, time when they can fully appreciate their selves, and time when they could have romantic conversation with the little heart. This is needed to explore the other side of life which could be another inspiration for their works.

Creative people are humble and proud at the same time

Creative people should be proud of their works, but they also have to be humble at the same time. Nothing’s last forever, include creativity. Creative people should keep exploring the new ideas to produce something useful for the human being.

Creative people, to an extent, escape rigid gender role stereotype

Creative people seem does not care with gender differentiation. They tend to be liberal. They sure that there is no boundaries of gender role in terms of creativity.

Creative people are both rebellious and conservative

Creative people look rebellious because they love to break the rules. They tend to be different among common people, especially in appearance. Some creative people (read: artist) even did not care with their appearance. But in the other side, they know what they really want. they know the ‘value’ of their selves and works. They still considerate many things if it has relation with their value. In this part, they are conservatives.

Creative people are very passionate about their work, yet they can be extremely objective about it as well

Creative people might be very passionate with their work, but they also have to be objective. Creative it is not a matter of good-and-bad, or true-and-false. Creativity is all about honesty. When you are objective and open minded, people will put their trust and like your works. Objectivity (and honesty) will be the added value.

Most creative people’s openness and sensitivity often exposes them to suffer and pain, yet also to a great deal of enjoyment

Once again, creative people are different. They have their own way to solve problems. Several people will not understand their way,  and creative people sometimes called the odd. But if there is no pain well there is no gain. When creative people show their contribution through their works people will admire them. It’s more likely the Indonesian quote; Berakit-rakit ke hulu, berenang-renang ketepian. Bersakit-sakit dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian.

Overall i agree to the 10 paradoxes of creative people. According to me, each of them (creative people) is unique. Since they are creative they will not have similar way to solve problems, even just a way. Being a different person (among the other) is good. You do not have to be afraid being called the odd, you should be proud because it means you are creative and unique!




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