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In Creativity and Innovation on August 31, 2010 at 11:13 am

creative can be applied to a wide variety of disciplines such as: economics, engineering, arts, culinary, healthcare, politics, education, and so on. so that people opinion to the most creative countries could be different. then i am going to highlight two disciplines, arts and culinary.

in my opinion, Italy ranked at the first place for the most creative countries in terms of arts and culinary. Italy has DaVinci, Michaelangelo, etc. Italian paintings are famous world wide. Italy also has million building with amazing architectures. the Italian seems never stop to make and create beautiful things.

Portofino, Italy

And it’s not stop at there. Italian really able to make an improvement in every single things not only painting and architectures, but also fashion and food. Milan, city in Italy, is recognized as one of world fashion and design capitals along with New York City, Paris, and London. Milan also hosts the Milan Fashion Week, twice a year. There also a famous prestigious shopping streets with Italian major brands’ shops on it, one of it is Via Della Spigal.

Italian food has become preferred food for people around the world. coffee, especially espresso,  pizza, pasta, lasagna, and gelato are Italian masterpieces.

Italian cuisine

Oiya, this blog names also come from Italian Parla Come Magni.


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